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Winning sites for the Premier Guarantee ‘Quality Recognition Awards’ are based on your average site inspection rating, which is calculated using the site rating provided by your Surveyor during each inspection.


The average rating and the scores of each inspection can be viewed on the Developer Reporting system, which is accessed via the Extranet.


Certificates will be awarded to winning sites monthly. A site can only be put forward for an award once in any 6-month period.


The score is based on the following categories:


  1. Standard of Site Management*
  2. Standard of Workmanship*
  3. Health & Safety
  4. Site Tidiness
  5. General Cooperation


*The ‘Standard of Site Management’ and ‘Standard of Workmanship’ categories are weighted more heavily – scoring higher in these areas will have greater impact on your average site inspection rating.


Plots on a site must be at least first floor level to be considered for a Quality Recognition Award. All apartment blocks and commercial developments must be at least 50% completed.


To ensure consistency of our inspections, average scores will be checked and verified by the Surveyor Area Manager for your region.


Developments of all sizes (excluding self-builds) can be considered providing it is covered by Premier Guarantee and it has been inspected across most stages of the build by Premier Guarantee Risk Management Surveyors.