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Fontwell Meadows

Beautifully-designed new apartments and homes, set in a semi-rural location with easy access to Brighton and Portsmouth


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New Homes Warranty






1 & 2 bedroom apartments and
2, 3 & 4 bedroom homes



At a Glance

Both the Fontwell Meadows and Paddock View sites have contributed to Dandara’s multi-award winning success

They won seven QRAs in 2022 and have already secured another in Q1 2023

They were also given a 5* commendation from the Home Builders Federation for customer satisfaction



Dandara’s dedication to their customers throughout the buying and moving journey is a level of service that we at Premier Guarantee both admire and recognise.


With this shared ethos of excellent side-by-side service, it is no surprise that Dandara and Premier Guarantee’s relationship has spawned such success.


Dandara are one of the UK’s most respected private housebuilders and this is reflected in their multi-award winning success with Premier Guarantee. 


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Dandara Southern go above and beyond to ensure they produce a quality home for their customers and it is a pleasure to work with such a forward thinking developer.


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Rachel Bryant, Premier Guarantee Key Nationals Director (South)

Questions put to Alex Annunziata, Project Manager at Dandara


We spoke to Alex Annunziata, Project Manager at Dandara, about their successes, their strong relationship with Premier Guarantee and what the future holds.



What would you say makes Dandara stand out amongst other new homebuilders?

Everyone at Dandara is passionate about quality and we are always challenging ourselves to raise our standards and add that extra level of detail to ensure the homes we build delight our customers and really stand out from the properties produced by our competitors.

As well as the 5-star customer experience and product produced, the transparent and proactive culture fostered by Dandara brings continued improvement and growth within the business itself. 

As well as building beautiful new homes, Dandara works closely with new homebuyers through the buying and moving journey. How much do you value the supportive customer service you provide?

As a site team it is essential that we play a close role in the customer journey. Being involved with customers early on and throughout the process helps us to build a good relationship with them so they are as familiar with us and not only the sales team. This makes for a much healthier handover; lines of communication are much clearer and the handover from site to customer care is also more efficient.

In keeping with this collaborative spirit, how was your experience working side-by-side with Premier Guarantee? How did it compare to other experiences you may have had with similar warranty providers?

The experience working with Premier [Guarantee] has very much been a positive one. The site team and I have always maintained a very good relationship with all Premier [Guarantee] inspectors we have worked with on site.

Using the inspector’s knowledge and guidance to help resolve any possible situations where the building regulations may be breached. Or where designs conflict with the reality on-site, Premier have been there to guide us to the correct scenario to not only comply with building regs but to give the best possible outcome for the customer. 

The experience with Premier compared with other warranty providers has also been more positive as this is a very fast-moving site and so Premier have had to be flexible with inspections and the stages viewed, which has led to an inspection regime that suits both Premier and our build programme.  



What challenges did Premier Guarantee help you overcome or alleviate?

Premier have helped us overcome various levels issues on the site we have encountered throughout the build.  They helped ensure Part M of the building regulation has been adhered to, offering guidance to the site and technical teams to produce a suitable solution to tricky levels that both comply and are aesthetically pleasing for our customers.


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Dandara are all about striving for success and working as a team, qualities that we share here at Premier Guarantee. These common values enabled our relationship to prosper and grow stronger as the project developed.

Whether it is about evolving with industry changes or working collaboratively, Dandara continuously hit the mark.

It’s no surprise that they have won multiple awards. It’s great to see their rapid growth and success.

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Rosie Makepeace, Premier Guarantee Business Development Manager

Would you recommend Premier Guarantee’s service to others?

Absolutely yes.


What do you love most about your job/role?


The most satisfying aspect of the role is the sense of achievement after completing a particularly challenging build programme or complicated build route.

When a project completes or handovers on time to a high standard within budget constraints, it’s good to take a moment to reflect on the challenges faced and overcome.

What were the biggest challenges and highlights that arose from this development?

The biggest challenge was building to the highest standard possible, while meeting the demands of a fast-paced programme and keeping in line within the required budgets.

The biggest highlight so far has been completing phases 1a and 1b, winning a monthly Premier [Guarantee] quality award and seeing our customers living in their new homes and the great space we have built for them. 


Achieving and maintaining the highest standards in our industry is as important today as it has ever been. Dandara are a company that prides itself on meeting these exceptionally high standards. How important is this to you and your customers?

The two principles that the site team and I pride ourselves on are maintaining the best standard of health and safety and that of the highest quality finished product produced.

It is extremely important to raise our standards of workmanship as high as we can, as the development we have built in that area has our names on it. If we are not totally proud of what we have produced how we can look the customer in the eye and hand them keys if we aren’t 100% happy with the work we have done to complete their home?

What does the future hold for Dandara? What are the biggest challenges on the horizon that you look forward to overcoming?

The future for Dandara is stable and continued growth with the aim of producing the same volume of homes as the largest national house builder but also keeping to the highest quality standard as well. 

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