InSite | Approved Document R now available

Approved Document R now available


Approved Document R for Physical Infrastructure for High Speed electronic communication networks has been made available from 1st April 2016 and comes into effect on 1st January 2017. This regulation will not apply to works started prior to 1st January 2017 or work included in a full planning applications or Initial Notice submitted before this date.


The regulation applies to erection or major renovation of buildings and generally requires that a single building is fitted with a high speed ready in-building physical infrastructure between a suitable network termination point and a suitable access point at the perimeter of the building accessible to appropriate undertakers. Whereas in buildings of multiple dwellings, each dwelling should have a suitable network termination point and the building requires a Common Access point installed.


In order to implement this broadband offering, the Government has worked with BT Openreach and the HBG to figure out how it will be offered to all new developments and whether it will be free or need to be co-funded. BT Openreach have developed an online tool where you can assess whether your new development qualifies for free connections or if co-funding is required.