InSite | Building Checklist: Meet our Refurbishment and Conversion Requirements

Building Checklist: Meet our Refurbishment and Conversion Requirements


Refurbishments and Conversions can be challenging as it’s almost impossible to know what to expect and what issues you might have to face part way through your build. However, there will not be a prouder moment when you look back and see the evolution of your build to its successful repurposed or completed state. 


But what cover will you need?


Unlike other specific build types, refurbishments and conversions are covered by our New Homes Policy.


And how do you know if your next project meets our requirements?


Once your development has been deemed acceptable it will be subject to a Technical Audit Process during construction. To make it easier for you, we have put together a quick checklist which you can use to check if your elements match our requirements.

If the report concludes that any of these elements are unable to meet the life expectancy of 60 years for structure and 15 years for non-structural elements, they should be systematically replaced or repaired to meet the standards of cover.

Building Checklist


Existing Building Element



Foundations and load-bearing structures, including floors, walls and roof

Any areas of cracking or suspected movement are to be assessed and remedial measures provided. Any additional loads must be catered for.


Basement water proofing, damp-proof courses and membranes

All walls, floors and basements should include a DPC. Any remedial DPC treatments need to be appropriate to the type of construction, independently tested/approved and provided with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. The construction of any existing ground floor will need to be assessed and details provided to the Risk Management Surveyor for consideration. Any assessment or choice of waterproofing works should be based upon location, ground conditions and factor in the height of floors and the affect that any work may have on other building elements. Any treatment must be provided with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee and undertaken by a member of the Property Care Association.


Timber treatment against insect and fungal attack

All retained timbers will need to be assessed, logged and remedial treatment noted. Timbers which are embedded should be removed and replaced with masonry. Where this is not possible core samples should be taken to assess the moisture content and remedial works considered. Any treatment must be provided with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee and undertaken by a member of the Property Care Association.


Roof coverings

Coverings and support systems should be replaced unless a specialist report compiled by an independent RICS surveyor concludes that the system can provide a life span of at least 15 years. This should include the covering, battens, felt, flat roof decking, fascia, soffits, flashings, nails and clips etc.


Water resistance of walls including claddings, render, re-pointing etc.

The remedial works for the external walls must have regard for the exposure rating provided in BS5628.  Any retained cladding system must be surveyed to determine a minimum 15 year life expectancy.  Provision of additional thermal insulation must also be considered.


External doors and windows

A condition survey should be provided by an independent RICS surveyor to confirm life expectancy of 15 years.  Consideration to be given to improving the thermal characteristics. Thermal improvement work will often be necessary and on more historic properties this can prove difficult. Reveal detailing and head/cill issues can also be problematic. We will often require specialist assessment and undertaking of works to ensure windows and doors can operate effectively having regard to other works being undertaken throughout the property.


External and internal services

Any services to be retained should be suitably tested and reported by a specialist



A CCTV survey should be undertaken to ensure the integrity and design of the retained system.