InSite | Building control applications: How to apply?

Building control applications: How to apply?


Unsure how to make a building control application? Read our guide below.


What is a building control application?


If you are planning to carry out building work as defined in regulation 3 of the Building Regulations, then building control will be required. The building control process ensures that new buildings, alterations, installations and extensions meet the regulatory standards of safety, sustainability, accessibility and design.


You will need to make two applications when planning to construct a new building:


1. A planning application – this is an application to the local planning authority (usually the planning department or local council) to gain permission to build your development. Decisions to grant planning permission are made in line with national guidance and local planning policies set out by local authorities. Work cannot begin without this approval.


2. A Building Control application – Once you have planning permission you can make an application for building control. As your Approved Inspector, we would check the design and undertake planned inspections during build, ensuring the project meets all Building Regulations. This application must be made before you start work on site.



Making a building control application


A misconception is that you need to use your Local Authority as your Building Control provider – but you have a choice in England and Wales.


You can also use an Approved Inspector (AI) that are private sector organisations registered through the Construction Industry Council (CICAIR). As an Approved Inspector we are independently audited by an industry regulator that undertakes rigorous checks on our systems, processes and staff skills to ensure we are fit to carry out the role.


As a licensed AI, our process is simple:


1. Pre-application - We offer an upfront free design consultancy service, where we will review your designs and ascertain if your project meets Building Regulations. Contact us to arrange a call.


2. Complete an application form - If you are happy to proceed, fill out our application form to receive a no obligation quote. We can provide assistance at any point during the process.


3. Accept – once you accept your quote we will lodge your initial notice with the Local Authority. This notifies the Local authority that an Approved Inspector will be responsible as the Building Control body.


4. Inspect - Once you’re initial notice has been accepted you will be ready to begin construction. Our building control inspectors will work closely with you on your project, undertaking inspections at key stages ensuring you meet building regulation requirements.


5. Completion – On completion of your inspections, and on meeting all of the required regulations you will be provided with a building control completion certificate.



View our building control service page for more information on our Building Control service and how we inspect.