InSite | Changes to the Technical Manual Version 14

What are the main changes to the Technical Manual Version 14?

The latest version of the Premier Guarantee Technical Manual has been launched. We take you through the main changes to the manual (Version 14).


What is the purpose of the Technical Manual?


The Premier Guarantee Technical Manual Version 14 identifies the Functional Requirements applicable to the design and construction of buildings to be covered by our warranty. This version of the manual is applicable to all new warranty projects where an offer of warranty has been made on or after 11 June 2021.


The Functional Requirements are broken down into three technical headings covering:


  • workmanship
  • materials
  • design


Supporting guidance is provided in each Building Part/Appendix Section to offer suggested acceptable solutions for meeting the Functional Requirements. Alternative solutions can be utilised but must clearly meet the Functional Requirements and variation from the Technical Manual should be agreed with the warranty surveyor prior to construction of that element.


What are the key changes to this version?



The following outlines the main updates that have been made to the Technical Manual. Within the first few pages of the manual itself you’ll find an overview to help you understand all the updates to Version 14.


General Functional Requirement updates:


  • Means of escape, passive and active systems are not covered under this Technical Manual unless specifically identified in a Build Part Section Functional Requirement
  • Products of non-standard/MMC must be supported with evidence of third-party product conformity certification before an offer of warranty is provided
  • Reclaimed materials which are important in refurbishment projects, may be used subject to prior approval from us


Basements and piled foundations:


  • New lift pit guidance, with clear diagrams, has been added to make it easier to progress with projects that have lift pits
  • Clarification that land drains should not be considered as a single form of protection
  • Piled foundation guidance updated in line with new online guidance issued


External walls:


  • Clarification that breather membranes are required even if a foil faced insulation is used
  • Recommendation for use of rigid cavity trays to be used in cavity walls of framed structures
  • Certification is now required for any curtain wall and rain screen construction system proposed
  • Render guidance for masonry wall substrates updated to including weep holes
  • Light steel frame section for: new changes including recognition of SCI stage 1 and 2




Approved installers of flat roof membrane manufacturers are required to be used for all flat roof coverings (previous roof area size limitations now removed).


  • Cold deck roofs for flat roofs over 3m2 are no longer acceptable for warranty projects
  • New blue roof guidance, section 11.9
  • New podium deck guidance, section 11.10


Balconies and terraces:


Clarification on requirements for balconies and terraces forming a roof only, i.e., focus on specification as a roof.


  • Cold deck roofs for balconies and terraces are no longer acceptable for warranty projects


Appendix C - Materials, products and building systems:


  • New Functional Requirement for MMC systems
  • Corrosion protection notes updated
  • Updated requirements included for the suitability of products and systems


Appendix D - Conversions and refurbishments:


  • New term ‘service life’ applied
  • Requirement to prove ‘life expectancy’ of materials has been rephrased to ‘service life’ so a developer’s structural engineer can confirm a retained material will achieve warranty requirements
  • Building types not considered acceptable for warranty cover extended to now include: Grade 1 listed buildings, ancient monuments and barns



The Technical Manual as the key to excellence


The Premier Guarantee Excellence Awards have been designed to recognise the UK's best developments covered by our schemes.


  • Compliance with the Technical Manual is a key factor in achieving an Excellence Award
  • Winning one of our awards is a great opportunity to add value to properties when selling to prospective purchasers. It also offers the chance to be amongst a select group of prestigious house builders and developers who have taken home an Excellence Award


Find out more about the Excellence Awards.

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