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Christmas Giveway 2023 Winners and Nominees

Santa has his elves, Rudolph has Blitzen and Co. and you have your amazing colleagues.


We were overwhelmed by all of the tributes sent in as part of our 2023 Christmas Giveaway. There are clearly some amazing team players out there.


Congratulations to our winner Daniel Brookes from Rowlands & Hames Insurance Brokers who was nominated by Michael Watkinson.


Premier Guarantee pride ourselves on being a valued past of our customers' teams and it is great to see so many like-minded people out there.


Below is the full list of winners, nominees, their champions and a snippet of jut why they deserve recognition. 



"...none of this has taken away from his dedication to work and his colleagues. He has supported each member of staff through their own workloads (at various times he has taken on an extra persons role for a minimum of 3 months either due to long term illness, staff leaving)."

"He works on improving systems for everyone to use 
He is managing the transition of a recent business acquisition - offering training and computer support to the 'other' company."

"He manages his own handling role as well.
He does this without any fuss and continues to be very supportive of others that are under stress themselves with the work."


Nominated by Michael Watkinson, Rowlands & Hames Insurance Brokers

"He is a mental health first aider, enabler of inductions and site paperwork for trades and visitors, and our king of customer care."


"He is very much liked by the residents on our site and any questions raised on the residents Facebook group are met with comments like 'speak to Darren - he will sort it out for you'. I have worked with Darren for about 4 years now and during this time he has had extended periods away from his own sites to help others with site cover for holidays and illness."


"As a former winner of a Premier Guarantee Excellence Award, Darren has helped to create a safe and well run site here at Castle Gate. Darren is highly regarded amongst his peers."


Nominated by Tom Wilson, Linden Homes

"I call Linsey 'The Oracle' because she is the one everyone goes to with their questions, requests and needs and she never lets them down."

"She has the busiest phone in the office and what she doesn't know she'll make it her mission to find out, and help in every way she can, all with a smile :-)"


"Everyone needs a Linsey in their life!"


Nominated by Michelle Craw, Scott Homes Builders Limited


Nominator  Nominee Company Reasons for nomination


Emma Aciro Sally Bennet London Square Developments Ltd "Always willing to help with a smile, going above and beyond expectations."
Dylan Beach Damian Oakley Berkeley Group "He's the unsung hero of the team, the glue that holds the team together."
Jas Singh Tim Bircher Green Square Accord "Tim has gone beyond his his remit, and assisted the site team & commercial team."
Alexander Johnson-Patterson Ray Pearson Dandara South East Ltd "Ray is truly a pillar of Dandara. He is respected not just by all of our team but by everyone that works with him."
James McCrae Bronte Gearing Berkeley St Edward Southern Counties "Bronte provides technical support at our Oakhill, Hildenborough project to ensure all Technical Conditions are cleared in good time to ensure the project is delivered to programme and quality. Bronte works closely with the PG team to ensure that have the information they need, when they need it."
Jim Baxter Ross Kelso Allan Water Developments Limited "Ross is an all-round team player, constantly striving for the best results for the company. He is also our liaison officer for Premier Guarantee!"
Becky Allen Luke Herbert Thomas Homes Ltd "Luke, our Customer Care Manager, is an absolute star! He's like the Duracell Bunny - his batteries never tire and we wouldn't be without him!
Kimberley Kitching Kris Brooke Persimmon Homes "They have always been helpful."
Steve Padley Martine Jeynes Building and Land Guarantees "Santa has his elves to ensure everything goes like clockwork. We have Martine."
Victor Simpson Kelly Thompson Goulden Simpson Limited "She truly is a fantastic person who knows her job well and is respected by all."
Tiffany Timmins Tara Kelly Wyatt Homes "Tara is one of the most considerate people I know in and outside of work. She has even been known to be cleaning and sweeping out plots to assist the Site Team in preparation for visitors."
Samantha Milne Patrick Smith Morgan Construction Wales Ltd "When thinking of the term ‘Team Player’, immediately Pat Smiths name comes to mind. He is always willing to get involved and help wherever possible."
Jade Brigham Beth Gregory Homes By Carlton "Beth has the patience of a saint, never complains and always has a smile on her face around the office despite how difficult her day has been. Despite how busy she is with her own workload, she will always be the first to offer her help and support to others."
Lorraine Wilby Derek Knowles Sandpiper TKL Ltd "Derek is always cheerful, helpful and willing to do anything for the company."
Terri Jones Wayne Cooper Reich Insurance "Team player if there ever was one! Goes above and beyond our Wayne!"
Carly Griffiths Wayne Cooper Reich Insurance Brokers Ltd "Always willing to help no matter how busy he is."
Liam Kenny Wayne Cooper Reich Insurance "Continuously goes above and beyond."
Chris Ball Wayne Cooper Reich Insurance Brokers Limited "Determined, diligent and a great attitude."
Karen Casey Karen Casey Chartwell Vision Ltd "All round team member, is thoughtful towards everyone, makes every-ones life easier and happier. A joy to be around :)"
Zac Grice Torrence Grice Antler Homes "He puts all of his effort in to his work and treats each house like his own."
Marie Louise Neal Alan Caddy Barepta Cove Ltd "Alan is a constant, dependable, dedicated and outstanding Site Manager."
Ian Pickering Paul Whitlam Crest Nicholson "Paul is the ultimate team player. Paul will go over and above to ensure he can help, support or encourage an individual. There is nothing Paul would not do for someone."
Lee Hargreaves Dan Cook MCI Developments "I'm still learning my role and Dan has a great balance of letting me get stuck in and doing it myself but still having my back when I'm uncertain or I miss things."
Lawson Brooks Shaun Willingham E J Taylor & Sons Ltd "Shaun has led from the front helping everyone in the team no matter what the task, issue or problem."
Josh Simpson Ashley Ridgway Dandara "Always puts others first."
John Buchanan Mark Hill Persimmon Homes "In what can be a stressful position, Mark is always calm and helpful."
Raquel Owen Eddie McCarthy Rouse Homes Ltd. "Eddie is always receptive to help and open to listening. He has a great level of empathy which in today's world is required."
Gerry Brennan Steve Curran Aquinna Homes Plc "Deals with everyone professionally keeping them on board managing challenges without getting flustered or any irritation."
Sue Edwards Ant Skelton Linfit Developments Ltd "Ant goes out of his way to be patient and understanding with all the tradesmen on site. A ray of sunshine."
Julie Muncey Shaun Cherry Fernbrook Builders Ltd "Shaun is conscientious, a good team player, fair in his actions and generally such a hard working member."
Nick Ashfield Carol Emms Dandara Northern Homes Counties Ltd "Carol is a team player. She's also a really lovely person!"
Stuart Galloway Luke Butterworth Persimmon Homes "Luke’s team ethos and energy has been infectious."
Brian Clink Steve Heaton Steve Heaton Joinery "Steve (and his work partner Andy) go the extra mile to make sure everything on site is to the highest standard."
Mr C Jeffery Mrs P Evans Abbey Developments Ltd "Pauline invaluable to the smooth running of our company and however much we ask her to do she never complains, gets on with it and delivers to exceed our expectations every time."
Chris Morris Lewis Morris Chartford Developments "Lewis has shown he has the skills and leadership to be a Site Manager of the future."
Gary Coils Jonathon Brown Amethyst Homes "A young up and coming award winning site manager, Jonathon constantly empowers his team."
Judith Lawrence Robert Skelton Park Lane Homes Ltd "Rob is unwaveringly supportive to us all. This is my first year in the company and have had many questions. I know I can go to Rob who will explain everything to me and offer guidance as to how to go about something."
Ben Tucker Craig Murphy Telford Homes "Craig stepped into the role of Senior Site Manager at the start of this project and whilst joining later than all would have liked, Craig has taken the reins, stepped up to the challenge and pulled the team together."
Kirk Robinson Sam Calverley Persimmon Homes (Lancashire) "Sam is a fantastic team player who supports his colleagues to achieve their goals no matter his workload."
Andrew Kirkpatrick Hannah Carr Bargate Homes "This young Lady this year ran the Brighton Marathon raising money for our local charity (Open Sight Hampshire} - total raised £3,507.00 Hannah was not a runner before this, but now has the running bug and is entered into the London Marathon 2024."
Mike Raymond Geoff Smith - Site Foreman Jones Brothers Henllan Ltd "Geoff has worked with Jones bros Henllan for 30 years and is invaluable to the company. Geoff's attitude and organisation is second to none, he makes the site enjoyable whilst producing the best quality work all year round."
Patrick O'Sullivan Hosam Atrash CJ O'Shea "Hard working, knowledgeable, efficient, attention to detail."
Mark Snape Roberto Insa Stevens Centaur Homes "Rob has been responsible for Centaur Homes winning a PG excellence award for continued high performance on site and has worked brilliantly with the site teams of subcontractors the PG and BC inspectors and of course head office."
Daniel Laidlaw Ewan Marroney S1 Developments Ltd "A perpetually vibrant personality."
Alistair Kettle Molly Hill Crest Nicholson "Molly has continually supported me and has been keen to take many new responsibilities."
Andy Walker Kevin Coleclough - Site Manager AKM homes "Kevin goes above and beyond for our company."
Michael John McGarr Angela Wilcox Chigwell Construction "Always happy always available to help and no problem ever an issue to deal with a real team player."
Elizabeth Lowe Philip Griffiths Morris Property Ltd "Phil is always doing the best for the team and his colleagues, his work ethic is brilliant."
Mr Colin Anthony Peter Cowie Claymore Homes Ltd "He is always approachable, friendly and helpful and goes the extra mile."
Lauren Simpson Edward Crosby Owens Developments Ltd "I honestly couldn't run the company without him!!!"




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