InSite | Did you know Approved Inspectors provide Building Control?

Did you know Approved Inspectors provide Building Control?


Building Regulations and Building Control go hand in hand to guarantee that all building work, including design and construction, meet set standards. This is to ensure the health and safety of the people in and about the building and to certify the building is energy and water efficient.


Meeting these requirements is the responsibility of the persons undertaking the building work and the owner of the building. Subsequently all building work must be independently verified to certify all building regulations have been successfully met. Historically Building Control was only carried out by local authorities, however now a privately appointed approved inspector can also fulfil this job.


What does an approved inspector do?


Just as local authorities carry out building control, an approved inspector offers the same service. They will check and approve plans before visiting the site at various stages to inspect the completed work.


How to be an Approved Inspector


All registered approved inspector are assessed and verified by the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register (CICAIR) - licenses are only given out by the CICAIR. Approved inspectors registered with CICAIR are qualified to undertake building control work in accordance with Part II of the Building Act 1984.


Where can approved inspectors operate?


Approved inspectors can operate across England and Wales


Did you know Premier Guarantee is an approved inspector?


Since 2008 Premier Guarantee has been an approved inspector meaning customers can choose us for building control and structural warranty. By streamlining the process and using one sole provider for both services will ensure consistency and minimise discrepancies during building inspections.


What will Premier Guarantee’s inspectors provide?


  • Early advice on planning and design
  • Inspect work as it progresses
  • Maintain a consistent approach to Building Regulations
  • Free technical advice and support


Find out more about our building control service.

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