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How we support offsite construction


Offsite manufacturing lessens the environmental impact, reduces resources, and improves efficiency and productivity, making it a sustainable and affordable method of construction which developers and builders see as the solution to some of the housing issues faced today and in the future.


At Premier Guarantee we’ve been approving hundreds of innovative and modern methods of construction under our system acceptance scheme for a number of years.


Our dedicated innovation team work closely with manufacturers to ensure that systems are approved in line with our technical requirements. Via our robust process, we assess systems based on the same principles as traditional construction methods.


Benefits of gaining system acceptance from Premier Guarantee


  • Enables your system to be accepted for use by our registered developers and builders throughout the UK
  • Provides assurance to our clients and lenders that your system performs to a consistent standard and will remain durable in line with our warranty requirements
  • Provides you with a certificate of acceptance
  • Entitles you to include your accepted system on the Premier Guarantee system listing


“Premier Guarantee are such a well-recognised organisation in the industry and it’s great to be able to demonstrate that our systems and our homes comply with their strict technical requirements. It’s a real hallmark of quality for our products and our ways of working.”


– Jennifer Higgins, MD at The Wee House Company, a modular housing developer based in Scotland who design and build affordable, characterful homes.


Four steps to acceptance


1. Initial triage: we will determine whether your system broadly meets our performance standards. If it doesn’t, we’ll provide feedback to help you overcome issues


2. Detailed review: if your system is considered suitable to proceed to application stage, a detailed review of the submitted system/documentation can begin (subject to fees being paid)


3. Factory inspection: if stage two is successful, a factory inspection will take place. If we are satisfied with your system, it will be issued with a provisional acceptance for an initial test site


4. Trial site assessment: an initial trial site, which is registered with Premier Guarantee for warranty, will need to be assessed. You will need to show that your system can be constructed to meet our technical requirements. Once this is demonstrated, it will gain a full system acceptance. This will be limited to one year and will require renewal (due to changes in technical requirements and legislation, we have to ensure that the system design intent is maintained and meets current legislation)



Want to learn more about MMC and system acceptance? Explore the subject in greater detail with our Head of Innovation, Maciej Pulawski, as he responds to questions posed by Foot Anstey.


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