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Innovate, Design, Build – New groundbreaking courses


Architect and TV presenter George Clarke has teamed up with Teesside University to launch a new scheme in the North East to drive forward innovative building within the construction industry.


George is the founder of The Ministry of Building Innovation (MOBI), an organisation which inspires new generations in to the building profession to push boundaries in the way we design and construct homes. Partnering this initiative with Teesside University has meant a number of courses have been designed to attract new ideas and people into the industry to challenge the status quo.


“The slow and antiquated method of building new homes is painful and, fundamentally, we still building homes the way we did hundreds of years ago. Whilst technology corporations, telecommunication companies, the automotive and aerospace industry are advancing at incredible rates, the house building industry is stagnant and it’s genuinely time for systematic change. There is a need for exciting innovation, opportunities to push the boundaries of what we build and how we build that will attract bright new minds in to the industry.”

-George Clarke


The suite of courses include a Higher National Certificate, Diploma and BSc (Hons) Advanced Home Construction and a postgraduate degree course: MSc Advanced Home Futures.


“These courses are designed to produce students ready to make a disruptive change to a traditional industry. With MOBI aspirations at the forefront of what we intend to deliver, we’ll encourage creativity, independent thinking, leadership skills and artistry to address a social need.”

- Professor Tim Thompson, Teesside University