InSite | Myth busting: structural warranties

Myth busting: structural warranty and building control myths dispelled

Let's put a stop to fake news. There’s a lot of disinformation around structural warranties and building control – we’re here to cut through the noise and dispel some common misconceptions. Don’t let falsehoods hold you back from getting the right cover and services for your next scheme.


Myth: Premier Guarantee don’t approve modern methods of construction.


Fact: We’ve been approving hundreds of innovative and modern methods of construction under our system acceptance scheme for a number of years.


Our team work closely with manufacturers to ensure that any systems we accept are approved in line with our technical requirements.

Find out how to get your system accepted with Premier Guarantee.


In the spotlight: Our Head of Innovation, Maciej Pulawski talks about the use of MMC and the system acceptance process.
> Learn more from Maciej


Myth: Premier Guarantee don’t cover refurbs.


Fact: For over 20 years we’ve covered all types and sizes of refurbs and conversions, from office and residential conversions to listed buildings.


In the spotlight: Just a stone’s throw from postcard London landmarks, 9 Millbank was once Imperial Chemical Industries headquarters on the banks of the Thames. We chat with St Edward’s Construction Director to find out more about this luxurious residential conversion scheme.
> Read the interview


Myth: Premier Guarantee contract surveyors in.


Fact: Our in-house team of over 250 surveyors either hold or are working towards a CABE qualification.


This vast surveyor network means we can offer a nationwide service with outstanding local expertise.


In the spotlight: Our surveyors are local to each region and have a vast understanding of the area they work in. Watch our videos of some of our surveyors sharing their knowledge. 
> Meet our surveyors


You can also hear from Luke Roberts, Senior Risk Management Surveyor, about what it was like training to become a surveyor.


Myth: My choice in building control provider will have an effect on my planning application.


Fact: The choice you make in building control provider won’t affect your planning application, either positively or negatively.


Whether you use local authority or an approved inspector (AI) like Premier Guarantee, your planning application will go through the same approval process at the same rate.


The benefit in using Premier Guarantee for your warranty is that you have the flexibility to use us, another AI or a local authority for your building control. And the best bit is, we won’t charge you extra for it.


In the spotlight: Want to better understand how we can help when it comes to building control? Our qualified and experienced staff have worked on a wide range of residential and commercial developments and can provide advice and support with our straightforward approach.
> Discover more about building control services


Myth: Warranty surveyors are only there to pick holes in what I’m doing.


Fact: Our surveyors aren’t trained to look for defects, they’re trained to prevent them.


Premier Guarantee surveyors’ aim is simple: to work proactively on site with developers and builders to ensure a smooth, high-quality build.


In the spotlight: We’ve developed a quick guide on how our surveyors score sites during their inspections – use it to help you achieve the highest levels of quality.
> Raise the quality of your site


Myth: Premier Guarantee don’t provide cover in the Defects Insurance Period.


Fact: Although defects uncovered within the Defects Insurance Period are the responsibility of the builder to rectify, our policies act as a safety net – so if the builder fails to fix the defects, we will step in and undertake the works required.


In the spotlight: When issues arise between developers and homeowners, find out where you stand. Our Dispute Resolution Service specialises in assisting both parties to reach agreement and resolution on defects that occur within the first two years of warranty.
> Learn how the Dispute Resolution Service works


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