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Registering with Premier Guarantee

Does your project need to be covered by our new homes or social housing schemes? Then you’ll need to register with us.


How do I register?


Registration is part of the warranty application process. You can apply for a quote today to start the process.


What’s included in registration?


  • Access to all our warranty and building control products
  • A free copy of our Technical Manual for your office and registered sites
  • Your developer/building rating
  • Use of the Premier Guarantee registered logo and marketing materials to promote your membership
  • Free guidance and advice from our technical team including training events and tech guides
  • The opportunity to enter your site into the Premier Guarantee Excellence Awards
  • Access to our extranet so you can manage your site admin and inspections online
  • Access to the Consumer Code with free online CPD training courses


How long does registration last?


One year. Registration must be renewed during any construction and liability periods.


How much is it?


£750 – first-time, one-year registration


After your first year, the cost is based on your number of units:


1-50 unit: £500
51 or more units: £950


What happens after I apply?


Once you apply, you’ll receive the following documents which need to be read and signed:


  • Rules of Registration (ROR)
  • Acceptance of the Rules of Registration


Your pack may also include:


  • Company Indemnity Agreement (CIA)
  • Associate Company Indemnity Agreement (ACIA)


Please see our Guide to Services brochure (page 28) for more information on the types of indemnity and financial security.


Need more information?


If you need further information on registration, please get in touch with us. If you're ready to apply, see our helpful guidance on how to get a quote.


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