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Technical Manual Version 15: What’s new?

Published date: 18 January 2023

We have released the latest version of our Technical Manual.

Premier Guarantee’s expert technical team work year-round to ensure that the industry-renowned manual is up-to-date and that the newest version works with you and your project.

Each version of the manual is different and there are always noteworthy updates. As these can be quite detailed, we have listed the standout changes to version 15 of the manual below.

Please note that the complete list of changes can be found on at the beginning of the manual.


  • You may notice that the overall look and experience of this year’s manual is more user-friendly. We have worked on ensuring that sections are easier to find and that overall readability is enhanced
  • Diagrams are now easier to read and understand
  • We have introduced a Provision of Information at the start of each section to identify what information and evidence should be made available to the warranty surveyor prior to works starting


Functional requirements


  • The functional requirements are now outlined at the start of each section rather than the beginning of the manual, allowing for a far more intuitive user experience
  • All functional requirements have been updated
  • The functional requirements relating to durability of materials now refer to ‘service life’. A table listing service life requirements for common structural and waterproof envelope components can be found in Appendix C


Section 1 − Ground Conditions

  • Moved to Section 1 to give more prominence and highlight the need for site investigations


Section 2 – Basements


  • The guidance highlights the responsibilities of the design team and the importance of sufficient and relevant information being provided at a very early stage
  • Evidence of a waterproofing design specification is to be made available to us, at least 8 weeks before commencement on site
  • The table showing the environmental grades has been updated to reflect recent changes in BS 8102
  • Where a Grade 3 performance is needed, a combined system of Waterproofing protection is required


Section 5 – Drainage

  • New guidance provided for macerators and pumps
  • New guidance provided for below ground drainage junctions formed below ground floors.


Section 6 – External Walls

  • Reorganised to remove repetition for a more logical layout
  • There is also new subsection for parapets and guidance for EWI and brick slip cladding



Section 8 – External Windows and Doors

Now includes guidance for: 

  • stacked windows
  • bi-fold doors
  • aluminum and steel windows


Section 12 – Roof Terraces and Balconies


  • This section has been updated to include balconies
  • New guidance on liquid applied waterproofing kits
  • New guidance on the durability, drainage provision, timber and fire considerations of balconies


Section 15 – Heating Services

This section now provides guidance on:

  • the installation of associated services serving the heating systems
  • guidance on conventional space and water heating systems
  • other forms of heating systems including low or zero carbon systems

• New guidance for ventilation of voids or ducts containing gas pipework is included in 15.1.


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Every care was taken to ensure the information in this article was correct at the time of publication (January 2023). Guidance provided does not replace the reader’s professional judgement and any construction project should comply with the relevant Building Regulations or applicable technical standards. For the most up to date Premier Guarantee technical guidance please refer to your Risk Management Surveyor and the latest version of the Premier Guarantee Technical Manual.
Ref: MK-3431


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