InSite | What is a Building Control Certificate

What is a building control certificate?


Simply put, a building control certificate formally certifies the property has been inspected and building works have been carried out in accordance with the building regulations.


Depending on the Building Control Body you use, this certificate may be referred to differently.


If using a Local Authority you may receive a ‘completion certificate’, or a ‘final certificate’ if using an Approved inspector. Either way, they are proof that building works have been approved.



Why a building control completion certificate is important


A completion, or final certificate are not only compulsory for certain types of development work but are vital for selling your property.


A building control completion certificate is evidence that things such as the structure of the building, fire safety and the provision of sanitation and efficiency measures are all in accordance with the building regulations. All of which mortgage providers need to have to allow the release of mortgage funds. Without a completion or final certificate you may not be able to sell the property.



How long does it take to get a building control certificate?


However long it takes you to construct your development.


The building control inspector will undertake numerous inspections throughout the build, checking the work at vital stages of construction. These include:


  • Foundation excavation
  • Foundation concrete
  • Drainage
  • Oversite concrete
  • DPC
  • First fix
  • Cladding and fire stopping Completion.


Given the inspector has seen these stages of building work and is happy they comply with regulations, all fees are paid and relevant certificates have been provided, a completion certificate will be issued.



What does a building control certificate look like?


A building control completion certificate will look different depending on the building control body dealing with your application. This may change in look, format or certificate type ranging from a physical completion certificate, or a final inspection letter or email.


At Premier Guarantee we provide a partial final notice per completed house, and a site completion certificate once the development is fully completed and approved. This is provided in a pdf format sent directly to our clients through email or downloadable through their extranet account. 


Applying for a building control certificate


As an approved inspector we can provide you with a full building control service helping you achieve building requirements.


To apply for a free quotation visit our building control service page.