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Why Choose a New-Build Home?


According to latest research, twice as many people prefer the idea of a brand new home, as opposed to buying a pre-existing property.


More often than not, it’s the joy of the new and the ease of the purchase that seals the deal. The chain-free acquisition of a fresh new home with every appliance, fixture and fitting unmarked and unused is often much more appealing than an old semi-detached, with an aged bathroom and a tired, dated kitchen. With a new home, not only are you buying a property that nobody else has ever lived in, you are also buying the house you have always dreamed of, giving you the opportunity to quite literally start anew. In taking on an older property, you are also taking on someone else’s lifestyle and choices, until you have the time and finances to put your own individual stamp on it. Overall, new-build homes offer a wide range of advantages. In this blog, we detail the some of the reasons why we think you may want to choose to invest in a new-build home.


  • New-build homes are exactly that – brand new. The bathrooms and kitchens are yet to be used. There’s no worn carpet to contend with, no strangely patterned wallpaper, no cracked tiles, and definitely no lingering pet smells. As a result, you won’t need to pack your paint brushes, DIY kits or toolboxes.
  • As well as being new, new-build homes incorporate modern-day elements that make for comfortable, easy living, such as walk-in wardrobes, open plan kitchens, spacious master bedrooms, ground floor guest bathrooms, and energy efficient appliances.
  • You won’t need to worry about a dodgy boiler, which can be extremely costly to replace, nor an inadequate central heating system, dated and dangerous electrics, or old plumbing. All new homes enjoy the benefits of being built with modern materials, which means lower utility bills and greater energy efficiency.
  • A new home will come with a 10 year warranty against structural faults or defects, providing you with peace of mind should anything go wrong with the structure of the home..
  • Thanks to the Help To Buy scheme, new-build homes are much more affordable for hopeful homeowners.


All in all, new-build homes could save you a lot of money in the long run; the amount of decorating work required may be  severely reduced in comparison to an older home, which means you can start living your life in your new home straight after moving in.


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