InSite | Women in Construction Week #2

Women in Construction Week #2

We are marking Women in Construction week, while reminding ourselves that according to the latest Office for National Statistics workforce figures, the proportion of women in construction remains stubbornly low – fewer than one in eight.


We caught up with several women at Premier Guarantee and ask them about their roles, how their careers have developed, and any advice they have for others.


Caroline Tomey, South East Regional Manager Surveying Team


What did you do before you joined Premier Guarantee?


After achieving my degree in construction I went on to work in various parts of the sector, mainly related to insurance based works.


How has your career developed here?


I started with the company a little over five years ago as a risk management surveyor in the South East team and since then I have broadened my construction knowledge. I have progressed through the company being promoted to Deputy Regional Manager and then Regional Manager in February 2021.


What support have you had from the company to get where you are today?


I have been lucky to work with some fantastic colleagues both in my team and throughout the company. I have worked under managers who have pushed, supported and enabled me to develop myself and progress within the company.



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You can do and achieve anything if you work hard at it.

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Caroline Tomey, South East Regional Manager Surveying Team

Has any internal training supported your career development?


The internal training both on the technical side and soft skills has been very good, this has helped me to improve on weaker areas of my technical knowledge and therefore improve the service I am offering to our clients.


What new skills, personal and professional have you learnt or developed since joining?


I’ve learnt the importance of good communication skills. You can be the most technically minded person out there but if you are not able to get this across to our clients then the service we provide will suffer


What advice would you give to someone wishing to progress their career?


You can do and achieve anything if you work hard at it.


Where do you see your career going in the future?


I see myself staying with Premier Guarantee, working to progress within the company when the opportunity presents itself.


If you had one piece of career advice for your younger self, what would it be?


Don’t do your degree on a day release scheme whilst working full time! Go to university enjoy the experiences that gives you.


Interviews with more women in construction

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