Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance

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As new standards for energy efficiency come into force, the amount of electrical installations in new homes is increasing. These essential systems can suffer from defects due to failure in design, materials or workmanship.

Premier Guarantee supports homebuilders who construct new homes and buildings that minimise carbon footprints and reduce energy needs, in turn making them more affordable for residents and users to run.


Innovation can be risky. That is why the vast majority of our structural warranty policies include additional cover as standard for a vast range of mechanical and electrical services. This cover is known as M&E cover or Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance (MIDI)


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What are the advantages of MIDI?

Our MIDI policy can provide a number of advantages for developers, investors and occupiers of new buildings, including:


The removal of reliance on collateral warranties and professional indemnity


Cover that is fully transferable to future owners of the building and complements structural building defects insurance


The availability of funds for repairs following the discovery of a defect


No aggregate claims limit over the lifetime of the policy


A building that can be easier to sell or rent due to enhanced purchaser/tenant confidence

What's included in our MIDI cover?

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Space heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and water heating systems including boilers and calorifiers

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Lifts, escalators and mobility apparatus

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Lighting and electrical distribution systems

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Building security and environmental control systems

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Electrical and mechanical parts of water pumping, distribution and waste systems

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Internet-enabled or “smart” systems related to the above

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Access our free bitesize MIDI training and learn more
and understand how the addition of MIDI can benefit you 

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