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Premier Guarantee Update: Lightweight brick slip 'SIP' composite lintels


The Premier Guarantee Technical Team have been made aware of a number of brick slip arch and header products on the market. They consist of “SIP” composite panels which are made up of cement fibre board, or in some instances MgO boards, with brick slips bonded to one external face with adhesive. These products are being used in the external skin of masonry above openings and are marketed as non-load bearing products that are installed above a structural lintel.

The Premier Guarantee Technical Manual functional requirements state that a component or product that has a structural function should achieve a 60-year life expectancy.

Where not performing a structural function, a lesser requirement of 15 years’ life expectancy is required (for example, this would include non-structural weather claddings).

In the case of these ‘brick lintel effect’ products, Premier Guarantee is of the opinion that even if a structural lintel is provided directly under this component, the brick slip SIP composite lintel is still undertaking a load bearing function, being compressed by brick masonry above. Additionally, it is exposed to the climatic weathering experienced in the UK. Therefore, a 60-year life for both durability of weather resistance and structural performance is required.

With these products being built into the external leaf of a cavity wall, they are subject to weathering; not just to the exposed face, but the edges and back faces where built into a masonry cladding. They’re therefore also required to be durable against the effects of moisture.

Discussions are ongoing between Premier Guarantee and manufacturers of these products and, although structural testing has been undertaken, we require, for warranty purposes, evidence of a third party product certification for the product as a whole which would also demonstrate suitable durability, quality control and installation procedures.

We are currently unable to accept these products on sites where we are providing warranty cover, and will continue to be unable to do so until these products have gained suitable third party product certification – such as BBA, BDA or similar - which satisfies our warranty requirements to demonstrate the suitability for use and achieve a 60-year durability.

If you have any further questions regarding the information above, please email the Premier Guarantee Technical Team on technical.referrals@premierguarantee.co.uk