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Premier Guarantee House Type Approval Scheme

The Premier Guarantee House Type Approval Scheme is a service exclusively available to Premier Guarantee registered developers, that, via a single point of contact, ensures a consistent interpretation of Building Regulations. It is available to any registered developer who has a collection of at least 10 different house designs, and who produce a minimum of 100 units per year.


The service helps to provide developers and designers with the confidence that their house type range has been checked against the specific requirements of the Building Regulations, and that it is suitable for both complete building designs and for standard building modules across England and Wales (where there are different requirements for England and Wales these are identified within the document).


The Premier Guarantee House Type Approvals Manager will arrange an initial discussion with the developer and their design team to talk through the approvals process, outlining the information required to undertake a formal review of their current house type range. The architectural package submission will need to demonstrate compliance with the current Building Regulations.


Upon gaining a type approval, the benefits afforded to the developer include the knowledge that a dedicated Design Evaluation Surveyor will undertake a site specific design review and will also provide reassurance that they will receive a specific point of contact for both the developer and their design team.


It is recognised that in time, for whatever reason, a developer may wish to amend a house type approval or add further house types to the system. Therefore, another benefit of the service is that the developer will receive a yearly review meeting to discuss any changes to their house type range, providing guidance on any future changes to the Building Regulations.


In the cases where a change does occur, the supporting documentation sheet will simply be updated to accommodate the amendments as long as:


  • The internal floor area of the dwelling has not increased.


Or deemed to effect items such as:


  • The structural stability of the property.
  • The means of escape.
  • Thermal performance.
  • Access to and within the dwelling.


The house type approval remains valid until either:


  • There are any changes to the current legislation
  • There are any changes to the current Building Regulations


To find out how you can benefit from the House Type Approval Scheme, contact your Surveyor or Account Manager.