InSite | Premier Guarantee competency training tour begins

Premier Guarantee's competency training tour begins

Published date: 22 May 2023

Our face-to-face competency training sessions have officially begun.


As part of Premier Guarantee’s commitment to the new competency regime, we are working hard to train our staff in preparation.


Our competency training team are touring up and down the country over the next two months helping more than 130 of our staff get up to speed.


The days will cover the background and current competency landscape, its practical implications as well as the legal and procedural functions related to building control.



“We want surveyors to think about
their roles in changing the culture towards
competency in the industry, and reflect on their own legacy."


Technical Competency Manager Natalia Thomas Alvarez will be sharing her insight along with Senior Regulatory Specialist Matt Shum.


Natalia says that this ‘training tour’ makes sure that our staff are truly engaged in the learning process rather than seeing it as simply a mandatory obligation.


“We don’t believe that the competency regime is or should be considered a tick box exercise,” said Natalia.


“We want surveyors to think about their roles in changing the culture towards competency in the industry, and reflect on their own legacy; influencing others and being part of a change movement.”


“We not only want surveyors to leave the day understanding why competency is vital we want to give them a good grounding on the legal requirements that underpin the building regulations and associated guidance.


“We also have a practical session covering Approved Document M and how we can assess compliance on site.


“All in all, we are bringing together varying levels of warranty and BC surveyors together to share knowledge and kick start our competency campaign, with a united front.”




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