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Are you ready for your sound insulation test?


If you’ve booked a pre-completion sound insulation test (PCT) there are a few things that you’ll need in place to make sure the surveyor can move around easily and get the job done. Here’s a quick review of what you’ll need to check before your acoustics test:


  1. Do the rooms to be tested have working 240v mains power supply and lighting… and is it switched on?

  2. Are all wall surfaces complete, on both side of the partition, in all rooms to be tested

  3. Are floors and ceiling surfaces complete?

  4. Are all windows installed and are the closing mechanisms in place?

  5. Are all trickle vents installed or will they be temporarily blocked off?

  6. Are front doors and room doors fitted?

  7. Are all sockets and switches, such as TV, power and telephone sockets, in place?

  8. Are all rooms to be tested empty or otherwise unfurnished?

  9. For floor tests, make sure that any temporary floor finishes, such as carpets, have been removed, or pulled back to expose at least 50% of the floor surface (for Floor Type 1, it’s ok to test with soft floor coverings in place).

  10. Make sure the surveyor has clear and safe access to both sides of the test partitions.

  11. Make sure that any rooms to be tested are clear of building materials.

  12. Make sure that any smoke alarms, or other alarm systems, are deactivated during tests (so that they don’t interfere with the testing). Don’t forget to switch them on again though…


If you find you do need a PCT, contact us or give us a call on 024 7654 5397. offers UKAS Accredited sound insulation testing throughout England & Wales. We also offer a full Desktop Study Design Service, along with Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments for Planning, to keep you on the right track.