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How do you know if your project needs acoustic testing?



You’ve got Building Regs approval and your home build project is good to go… Or is it? You’ve heard that you might need acoustic testing but you’re not sure how to go about it. Here’s a quick note by on the basics...

To test or not to test? A Pre-Completion Sound Insulation Test (PCT) is required for all New Build flats and attached houses which have not been registered and built using the Robust Details scheme. In addition, any project where houses or flats for residential use have been created via a Material Change of Use (MCOU), (like a former office building converted into residential flats) will require mandatory testing. Regardless of whether the project is new build or MCOU, if Rooms for Residential Purposes (RFRP) have been created, such as hotels or student halls of residence, testing is also compulsory.

Not all properties require testing but the amount of tests can get a bit confusing. Simply put, for every 10 units constructed with the same wall and/or floor, acting as a separating partition, the sample test ratio is 1:10. This rate requires a “set of tests” to be undertaken:


  • For houses the set of tests consists of 2 airborne tests of a party wall.

  • For flats with separating floors only, the set consists of 2 floor airborne and 2 floor impact tests.

  • If the flats also have party walls then they also have to be tested.


We said it was confusing! That’s why it’s important to identify your Building Control provider at an early stage and agree if there’s a need for a PCT. Building Control will help by assessing your scheme. They will advise on the plots, and the rooms within the plots, which will require testing prior to giving you your completion certificate.

So if you find you do need a PCT, give us a call on 024 7654 5397. offers UKAS Accredited PCT throughout England & Wales. We also offer a full Desktop Study Design Service, along with Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments for Planning, to keep you on the right track.


We’ve put together a checklist for you to see if you’re ready to test.


Check it out and book your acoustic test with one of our friendly experts. Call us on 024 7654 5397.