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Make sure you pass the test


Passing your sound test shouldn’t be an issue provided that the rules of sound insulation are followed. In order to meet and pass the test requirements, separating walls and floors must be constructed in a way that pays particular attention to the three acoustic elements: Mass, Isolation and Air Tightness.


At we see test failures for all sorts of reasons but there’s usually a good reason for it, and the three main reasons are:


  • Poor design – Something went wrong at design stage where the requirements have not been completely understood by the person responsible for the plans. The builder has built it in accordance with the detail, but the detail was too weak to pass the minimum performance standards.
  • Poor workmanship – On this occasion the construction has not been in accordance with the plans and/or specified products have been substituted by the builder.
  • Poor design and poor workmanship – A combination of both of the reasons above!
    Make sure you don’t fall foul of one of these. Give one of our friendly experts a call and let the professionals help you check that your home build is acoustically sound.


If you need a sound insulation test, for your project, give us a call on 024 7654 5397. offers UKAS Accredited PCT throughout England & Wales in association. We also offer a full Desktop Study Design Service, along with Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments for Planning, to keep you on the right track.


We’ve put together a checklist for you to see if you’re ready to test. Check it out and book your acoustic test. Call us on 024 7654 5397.